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Welfare benefits

Beomcheon Precision operates a variety of welfare programs for
employees to live in a relaxed manner

  • Support for company work

    - Department operating expenses : Department dining and operating expenses support
    - Cafeteria : In-house restaurant operation for breakfast, lunch, dinner
    - Commuter Bus : Commuter Bus service to and from the area near the company
    - Support for Family event : Support for family event subsidies and parents funeral service
    - Cultural events : sports events, unity meetings, picnic meetings, events, etc

  • Health Care

    - Comprehensive health examination : Support for general examination or
    comprehensive examination of oneself and one's spouse
    - Health counseling : Conducting health counseling for nurses to manage the health of executives and employees

  • Support for education expenses

    - Children's tuition : Support for children's high school and university admission fees
    - Support for education expenses : Support for education expenses according to job, position, etc

  • Support for activity

    - Vacation accommodation : Support for domestic resorts
    - Clubs : Support for club management and activity expenses

  • Other support

    - Bonus : Payment based on management performance
    - Award : Long-term working Reward, Excellent employee Award
    - Welfare Card : Workers' Day Welfare Card Payment
    - Christmas cake: Christmas cake for all employees


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