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Corporate social responsibility

In order to actively implement social contribution campaigns, volunteers composed of voluntary participation
of executives and employees of Beomcheon Precision are actively volunteering in cooperation with
local welfare centers for the socially underprivileged and the weak.
We are striving for regional development through various volunteer activities such as
painting murals and making kimchi.

  • 사랑의 김장김치 나눔
  • 사랑의 김장김치 나눔
  • 사랑의 김장김치 나눔
  • 범천정밀 벽화그리기 봉사활동
  • 범천정밀 벽화그리기 봉사활동
  • 범천정밀 벽화그리기 봉사활동

The Geumshin Scholarship Foundation is a scholarship foundation established through the Geumshin Scholarship Association. The Geumshin Scholarship Association has selected about 70 scholarship students and provided scholarships to the children of Beomcheon Precision Employees Co., Ltd. for 7 years from 2012. The Geumshin Scholarship Foundation was established in 2019 to provide opportunities for more students in the Gyeonggi community. So that students who dream of their future can continue to challenge themselves The Geumshin Scholarship Foundation promises to support and be with them.


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