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Environmental policy

The company is making efforts to implement and maintain the following environmental policy in order to
minimize environmental pollutants by observing related laws to take responsibility for
environment and environmental influence on the whole process of products,
service and business activities.

  • 01

    Environmental management system

    We promote continuous environmental improvement by establishing detailed environmental purpose and building environmental management system like Environmental Management System Standard (ISO 14001).

  • 02

    Corporate activities

    We continuously promote environmental improvement activities and environmental pollution prevention while being fully aware of environmental influence on the whole process of business activities. We comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations related to environment, and efficiently use energy and save resources in the whole business activities.

  • 03

    Environmental policy

    We actively participate in practicing the environmental policy by providing all employees with the opportunities for education, training and motivation in developing and implementing the environmental policy.

  • 04

    Environmental policy & Goal

    We release our environmental policy and purpose to the persons concerned to help all our business partners practice eco-friendly business management.

  • 05

    Hazardous substance management

    We voluntarily and actively address customers’ demands about environmental pollutants by continuously checking and managing environmental prohibition on harmful substance.

Direction for health & safety

The company is in order to achieve continuous business development and social responsibility,
we recognize safety and health as the inherent value of corporate management
and establish and implement H&S policy to create a healthy and safe working environment.

  • 1

    Systematize safety and health activities and systems to achieve safety and health goals and business performance effectively, and pursue continuous improvement through periodic inspection, monitoring and measurement.

  • 2

    Comply with national / international safety and health regulations, customers, and other related requirements.

  • 3

    Establish and implement a systematic education and training plan for all employees to fulfill their responsibilities and roles in safety and health activities, and contribute to achieving safety goals by promoting motivation and safety awareness.

  • 4

    Disclose our safety and health policy and performance results in a way that is appropriate for all stakeholders, including in-house and customers.


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